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We're starting small, because I want to get it right, so if you want this delicious parcel delivered right to your door, buy a pack now for £4.40 + £2.90 P&P (which is about the cost of three good coffees). That’s exactly how much it costs to get Granola Dust made to our exacting standards and sent out to you at home. Nothing more, nothing less – this is not a profit-making project. 

Now, this is where things get exciting. Get stuck in, get tasting, experiment, tag us, tweet us, write to us, we want to know what you’re doing with it. Let’s start sharing the love for Granola Dust and driving this breakfast revolution together. 

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How to ramp up your breakfast repertoire

Granola Dust is a brilliant megamix of healthy heroes: nuts, seeds, oats and fruit – perfect for breakfast.

Once you've received your pack, have a go at these recipes from my Everyday Super Food book, all of which make one delicious portion. 

“I want to show the rest of the breakfast industry what ‘good’ looks like. Together, let’s disrupt the category and challenge the current big players.”

Jamie Oliver MBE